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“I think this would be a good time for a beer” - FDR

April 7th marks the anniversary of the passing of the Cullen-Harrison act, which paved the way for the repeal of prohibition in the United States by federally legalizing the sale of 3.2% beer and wine. This date is now celebrated as National Beer Day, and in the spirit (pun intended) of supporting local business, we want to share with you a few of our favorite Saint Louis breweries and their beer.

We can’t pick just one (not even one each!) So, each of us picked our favorite three, in no particular order. Enjoy the read! We recommend you do so with a beer. 

Chris’ Picks


Taproom Location - 2100 Locust St, Saint Louis
Bottleworks Location - 7260 Southwest Ave, Maplewood
Bankside Location - 920 South Main Street, St. Charles

Saint Louis has a storied history when it comes to brewing beer, from the enormous Anheuser-Busch complex to the supposedly haunted Lemp brewery remains, and the sprawling caves underneath. It’s impossible to talk about the history of beer in this town, though, without mentioning Schlafly.

Opening the doors of their Locust St location in 1992, Schlafly has been putting out quality beer ever since. Their stout and oyster fest is an early spring spectacle that shouldn’t be missed. Be adventurous and try a flight of the different stouts they brew for the occasion, from oyster stout and coffee stout (brewed with local Khaldi coffee) to a Mexican chocolate stout, and many more. (Emily’s take – Oh my gosh... the Mexican chocolate stout blew me away. How do we get them to bring it back!?)

Picking a favorite beer here is like picking a favorite child (or so I’m told), and while their traditional pale ale is a go-to staple in my fridge, their raspberry hefeweizen is something I look to every year. On the dryer side, it’s a great choice to enjoy on their patio with a plate of their fries. Also, don’t sleep on their pumpkin ale – it's the only one I’ve ever enjoyed, and is consistently voted one of the top in the country. (Emily’s Take – Hard agree! Much to many of my friend’s annoyance, I enjoy pumpkin everything... all year round! The pumpkin ale is delicious!)

Urban Chestnut Brewing Company