“Soft Skills” – The Foundation of a Strong Resumé

Mar 15 / Chris Wagner, M.A.
Don’t let the name fool you!  “Soft Skills” may sound like something optional, or icing on the cake, but experts will tell you that they’re the heart and soul of any good resumé. 

What are "soft skills?"

For those unfamiliar with the term, “soft skills” refer to what was once thought to be the intangibles of a candidate – how you communicate, solve problems, and lead.  This used to be referred to as “people skills”, and it was thought that you either had it or you didn’t.  Luckily this isn’t the case!  Communication leadership skills are something that can be honed and developed through our coursework.
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What are "hard skills?"

On the flip side of that coin, “hard skills” are represented by years behind a desk or out in the field – it’s familiarity with specific operating systems or job functions. Are you proficient in a second language, have experience with specific coding software, or possess a professional permit required for a job? Those are all examples of hard skills.

Soft Skills and Job Interviewing

Soft skills make up an enormous part of any job interview. 

Think about the standard questions you’ve been asked on a job interview:  

 “Tell me a little bit about yourself” 

 “Tell us about a time you overcame a difficult work situation” 

 “Tell me your greatest strengths/weaknesses”
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Selling Your Skills as a Communication Leader

These aren’t just opportunities to brag about your love of reading, how you always brew a fresh pot of coffee after taking the last cup, or how you “care too much” – this is where you can detail the hard work you’ve put in at our Communication Leader Academy!  

In a recent article, resume.com listed the top four professional development characteristics to work into your resume. 

Among the top four are – you guessed it – communication and leadership.  

Another list from Indeed.com listed 10 skills to include on your resumé, and among the list were communication, leadership, active listening, and interpersonal skills – all things covered in the Communication Leader Academy. 
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Enroll in Communication Leader Academy to Boost Your Resume

Whether you’re looking to grow in your current role, or are buffing up your resumé for a new challenge, you can and should highlight the professional development you’ve worked hard for through Communication Leader Academy

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