Teaching during COVID-19


If you’re a teacher, put your hands in the air!  Woot woot! 

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My Journey

I began my journey into teaching in 2012.  Quickly I became the “tough teacher.” My students said I was a tough grader, and I held them to their deadlines.  I was surprised that what I thought of as just doing my job was considered tough, but otherwise, I wasn’t worried about it. In fact, I’m proud of the high standards I encourage my students to meet.  They usually do meet them!  

Fast forward to spring 2020.  Everything unexpectedly moved online.  Students who never took an online course were now only taking online courses.  Everything changed. 

I had taught online pre-pandemic.  It’s nothing like teaching online during the pandemic.  (And yes, we are still in the middle of a pandemic.) Early in the pandemic, I created a little document for my students titled “Dr. Vajjala’s Tips for CMC (Computer-mediated Communication) Classrooms.”  I think it would help to share some of those tips with a new angle: