Essential Communication and Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs

Jun 10 / Richard G. Jones, Jr., Ph.D.

As entrepreneurs ourselves we know how much time, effort, love, fear, and determination go into making a business work!   

As we were starting our businesses, we realized that our expertise in communication and leadership skills helped us in times when our lack of business and entrepreneurial experience could have led to a roadblock or embarrassment.   

As nationally recognized experts in communication, mentoring, and leadership, we definitely had an edge. But, you don’t have to be an expert to start to sharpen, practice, and adapt you’re your communication and leadership skills.  

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Here’s where we decided to help out our fellow entrepreneurs!  

We are offering a free webinar series on the essential communication and leadership skills that entrepreneurs need to be successful. We are also launching an online course that expands on the content in the webinar.  

There will be a big discount for those who attend the webinars! 

Live webinar will be held on June 16th at noon!

Join us for “Essential Communication and Leadership Skills for Entrepreneurs” and learn about:

  • Managing nervousness and anxiety when speaking or presenting to potential investors or clients 
  • Making good impressions in person, online, and in writing 
  • Assessing your leadership style 
  • Effectively managing a team 
  • Leading team problem solving and decision making 

Webinar Attendees also Receive Free Resources to Put Into Action Immediately! 

Free Resources are a $150 Value and Include:

  • Two email marketing templates you can adapt for your audiences  
  • Leadership Style Self-Assessment
  • Tips and Advice to Manage Speaking/Presenting Anxiety  
  • Tips and Advice to Effectively Run Meetings 
  • A Guide to Team Problem Solving

You’ll also get access to the webinar recording and the slide deck from the webinar! 

Webinar Hosts/Presenters:

  • Richard G. Jones, Jr., Ph.D., award winning professor and long-time independent consultant on topics ranging from public speaking to organizational culture and development, to diversity and inclusion, to strategic planning and visioning. Author of Communication In the Real World published by Flat World. 
  • Emily Vajjala, Ph.D., communication consultant and award-winning teacher who has presented research and led trainings and workshops on effective teaching and diversity at the local, state, and national level. 

Sign up for webinar today!  

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