Why Should I Study Communication?


Study Communication to Understand The World Around You 

Most people admit that communication is important, but it’s often in the back of our minds or viewed as something that “just happens.” Putting communication at the front of your mind and becoming more aware of how you communicate can be informative and have many positive effects. When I first started studying communication as an undergraduate, I began seeing the concepts we learned in class in my everyday life. 
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When I worked in groups, I was able to apply what I had learned about group communication to improve my performance and overall experience. I also noticed interpersonal concepts and theories as I communicated within various relationships. Whether I was analyzing mediated messages or considering the ethical implications of a decision before I made it, studying communication allowed me to see more of what was going on around me, which allowed me to more actively and competently participate in various communication contexts. 

Study Communication to Advance Your Career 

The National Association of Colleges and Employers has found that employers desire good communication skills in the college graduates they may hire. Desired communication skills vary from career to career, but our online courses and training provide a foundation onto which you can build communication skills specific to your career.  

Research has shown that introductory communication courses provide important skills necessary for functioning in jobs, including listening, writing, motivating/persuading, interpersonal skills, informational interviewing, and small-group problem solving. 
Poor listening skills, lack of conciseness, and inability to give constructive feedback have been identified as potential communication challenges in professional contexts. Employers appreciate good listening skills and the ability to communicate concisely because efficiency and clarity are often directly tied to productivity and success in terms of profit or task/project completion. Despite the well-documented need for communication skills in the professional world, many people still resist taking communication classes.  

Perhaps people think they already have good communication skills or can improve their skills on their own. While either of these may be true for some, studying communication can only help. In such a competitive job market, being able to document that you have received communication instruction and training from communication professionals (the nationally recognized communication scholars and experts at the Communication Leader Academy) can give you the edge needed to stand out from other applicants or employees! 

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