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Dr. Richard Jones explains the importance of communication and leadership. 

Welcome to the Communication Leader Academy!

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Why "Communication Leader"?

Founder and Learning Leader Dr. Rich Jones Explains Our Term Communication Leader
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Gain In Demand Skills

Learn about the rising demand for communication and leadership skills and how we can help you advance in your career
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Communicate and Lead for Success!

"Communicate and Lead for Success!"
Course Descriptions

 Communication Leader 101

It's time to boost your skills as a communication leader! Learn some foundational content that informs our curriculum at the Communication Leader Academy including our innovative instructional style that is based on Learning Arcs. Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions: How do I become more inclusive? How can I become a better listener? How can I improve my perception skills? How can I be a better speaker? How can I improve my relationships?

If you have asked those questions, enroll in Communication Leader 101 today to get a preview of the entire Academy along with some information and tips you can put into practice today to grow as a communication leader. 

 How and Why People Become Leaders

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly slip into a leadership role, or why some people are called to action at certain times?

This course will delve a bit deeper into those reasons, and show you what you can do to give yourself an edge when called to lead!

 Leadership Styles

What's your leadership style? You've probably heard of some like the autocratic and the laissez-faire leaders. But, there are other ways to categorize leadership styles! Learn about how effective leaders don't fit solely into one style and instead adapt their style to fit the relational and situational context.

 Leadership and Power

There's no such thing as a uniform leadership style. Think back about the different leaders that you've experienced in your life - What similarities did they share? What differences? In this course, we'll cover the different types of power that leaders draw on, and how you can develop your leadership competence to maximize their effect.

 Leading Decision Making

Have you ever been in charge of a group and felt the weight of every decision on your shoulders? Has that perceived weight kept you from taking the mantle of leadership? Decision making can be an intimidating business, but you're certainly not alone in the process. Our "Leading Decision Making" course will help show how a leader can develop the full potential from their group, and come to a beneficial consensus for all.

 Leading Problem Solving

In this course, we'll discuss the different ways that you, as a group leader, can help find a solution for whatever road block your group comes across. Problems come up - it's a fact of life. But you don't have to go it alone! We can prepare you for the bumps in the road, and help you determine the best way to resolve any issues that your group might face.

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Build Confidence for Success!

Communicating well is considered a "high visibility skill," so people who confidently and competently communicate are noticed and viewed as more credible which is essential for advancing your career and professional goals!  

Real World Value

We don't offer degrees but we do offer you university quality education for less than the average cost of a 3-credit hour course which is $1,200. But, we guarantee you real-world value! Start using what you learn immediately and track your progress with our guided goal setting and self-evaluation! 
WE use FEEDBACK FROM Learners to adapt and improve to better serve you!

Client Testimonials

"What you learn will help in your professional and personal life. Give it a chance, you will not be disappointed. I’m signing up for more courses, and you should too."

gis professional
“You guys are phenomenal!! I really appreciate the multiple methods the content is delivered simultaneously."

information technology manager

“In the past, I have generally just winged being a leader. I was not always effective. If I had taken this course prior to being a leader, I know I would have been a more effective and adaptable leader."

office manager

The Communication Leadership Academy Course was great! I enjoyed learning about the different types of leadership, how they applied to me in my personal and professional life, and what I can do to be a better leader and communicator.”

Early childhood teacher

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